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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sparkling Gradient Nails

For my holy week break, aside from Visita Inglesia and having lots of time to rest, is the best time to paint my nails again for some new nail art. I've seen lots of gradient nail tutorials online and in youtube and with limited resources that i have in my nail polish stash, this is what i have come up with...

My violet gradient nails looks like you've come from a party and the visible circle glitters looks like disco balls. And since i have lots of violet nail polish in my inventory, i used all of them in this experimented artwork.

And the keyword to learn this is : LAYERING. You must have a light, medium and dark shade of violet nail polish and layer your nails from the half part up to bottom using your spare makeup sponge. Then top it off with any glitter nail polish and top coat.

The fun part is that you can experiment using any nail polish you have as long as you got a light and dark hue and just add intensity and double your sponging technique for a gradient effect. 
Till my next nail art post! =P

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hawaiian Inspired Nails

Summer is so here already and i've been thinking of ways to design my nails for this season. So here is my new experiment NOTD.

It's so simple but i'm still practicing my nail art skills as i've only done Konad stamp arts or just one nail polish color on my nails. And then i get super excited to try this when i saw a youtube video of improvised nail dotting tools that you can find at home. Luckily, i found a decent hair pin and a toy needle that has a circular pointed end as my tools. Here are the materials that i've used:

Step 1 : Apply any base coat (Bobbie base coat)
Step 2 : Apply any shimmery or matte beige nail polish (Sally Hansen in Glazed Sand)
Step 3 : For the flowers, use your dotting tool and place five small dots on your nails. And then get a toothpick or needle and create vertical line per dot while the polish is still wet. I used red and orange nail polish since it's a good color compliment for summer. ( Caronia in Summer Fling and Sunkissed).
Step 4 : For the flower bud, apply glittery gold polish in between the 5 petals (L.A. colors Art Deco polish).
Step 5 : Apply top coat on your nails to make it last longer (Bobbie top coat).

on my right hand

I'm practicing applying nail art on my right hand using my left hand and it took a while to get used to it. I'm been watching tutorial videos on youtube and next time will be much more better than this. 
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