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Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Minute December Update: U.S. gift goodies

This is a late update as i haven't had time to blog for a long time. Lola Baby and Auntie Tita sent us (family) a balikbayan box full of our requests as christmas gifts from them. I actually waited too long for this as we gave them our requests last September and the package arrived around first week of December.

Goodies for me :)
Among the items are the ones i requested. I specifically liked the candies black shoulder bag, rimmel nail lacquers and the maybelline colorsensational lippie in pinkalicious. And never will they forget to buy stuffs from bath & body works.

I'm kinda surprised they bought more than what we've asked for, maybe they got these from a sale as they have lots of buy 3 get 2 something like that promo :). Anyway all of us (4 girls in the family) have a bath & body works request so everything here is shared among us.
Specific favorites are: Charmed Life lotion, Sea Island cotton mist, White citrus mist and Star Fruits sanitizer.

Anti- bacterial hand gel in Star Fruit, Snob Berry, All-Star Apple, Hip Hop Plum
I'm really fascinated with these 4 limited edition hand gels. My favorite is Star Fruit and i love the cute dog in the cover. My sister has Hip Hop Plum but somebody stole it from her anti-bacterial holder so she also got Snob Berry.

Thanks again to my Titas for their generosity and for giving us a very merry christmas this 2011.

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