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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Addiction : Kimmidolls

This day is a very rainy and gloomy Sunday but nothing can stop me and youngest sister to grace the malls and watch our planned movie. We went to Greenbelt 1 and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4 but before that we visited Caffe Ti Amo first to try their Italian Gelato. And since Fully booked is nearby (located one floor below), i wasted no time to look for Kimmidolls in this bookstore. I first saw Kimmidolls through a random blog i surfed yesterday and they also have a facebook page of their Philippine distributor.

                                       My first Kimmidoll keychain named Megumi

I'm always fascinated with Japanese art and tradition. May it be origami or their traditional japanese dolls. I actually bought 2 japanese wooden figurines before at Trinoma even though it's not really authentically japan made hehe. But now that i found this here in the market, the kid in me is starting to itch collecting these stuffs starting now.

What is a Kimmidoll:

Kimmidoll is a brand based on Kokeshi dolls. These Kokeshi dolls are usually made by wood artisans in Japan and these are being given as tokens of love and friendship. It's also traditionally being given as gifts for newborn babies as a lucky charm.

 The first one i got is Megumi which stands for "Goodness". And each doll has a description of their virtue. I bought the keychain doll since i can place it in my make up kit or wherever i feel like putting it. These dolls are just plain adorable for me. They sell all types of keepsakes from stationeries, school supplies and just their famous figurines in different sizes.

Price: Php295.00
Location: Fullybooked branches, Stretchbooks in Greenbelt 1, Biblioarch Glorietta and even in Rustans.

                                          closed up picture of Megumi (so cute!)

Well, this is not the end of it and i'm hoping i can hoard again on my pay day. My mom informed me that they found lots of these in Rustans Gateway mall before and she feels i'm going to like it. And she's right! =)

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